Inner Balance helps you to gain a sense of internal control giving you a formula for coming into balance.

Is this YOU?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you’ve got it all together yet other days you’re barely hanging on?

  • Do you want to be more in control of your thoughts, feelings and overall life?

  • Are you craving more stability, clarity and peace in your life?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, our 4-week course is for you.

Come learn key concepts that help you regain your sense of balance. Together we will focus on the ingredients of your "bounce back" ability, so important in these times of massive change. This program guides you in how to truly enjoy your life now, and primes you for future growth.

Inner Balance supports you in moving from a sense of frustration into one of personal freedom and self-control. You will gain the understanding you need to take effective action and learn innovative tools to maintain your growth. All of this is rooted in a simple yet powerful framework of self-understanding that empowers you to take your life to the next level.

Here are some key concepts this program covers:

  • How to be in charge of your inner world so your outer world doesn't immobilize you

  • How to recognize your inner signals and use them in a constructive manner

  • How to A.C.E. your day - a simple formula that creates daily fulfillment

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Inner Balance

    2. Inner Balance Learning Log

    3. Getting Clear - Introduction session

    4. Facebook Group

    1. Out of Balance

    2. Levels of Distress

    3. Coping Patterns

    4. Feeling Under Water

    5. Feelings Are The Signal

    6. Practice and Learning

    7. Out of Balance - weekly reflection post

    8. Coping Patterns - weekly reflection post

    9. Feelings - weekly reflection post

    10. Question and Answers session

    1. What You Need To Know For Balance

    2. Thoughts Create Physical and Emotional Responses

    3. The Mind Doesn't Know What is True

    4. Shifting Your Thinking

    5. Building Resilience

    6. Practice and Learning

    7. Thoughts create physical and emotional response - weekly reflection post

    8. Thoughts aren't actually true - weekly reflection post

    9. The mind is like an old computer - weekly reflection post

    10. Shifting perspective - weekly reflection post

    11. Questions and Answers Video

    1. Regaining Balance

    2. What Motivates Behaviour

    3. Focusing on What You DO Want

    4. Wanting the Unattainable

    5. Wanting to Control Someone or Something

    6. Putting it All Together

    7. Practice and Learning

    8. What is the benefit of knowing what you want? - weekly reflection post

    9. Unattainable wants - weekly reflection post

    10. Creating new neuro-pathways - weekly reflection post

    11. Questions and Answers - Regaining Balance

    1. Sustaining Inner Balance

    2. Finding Balance in Relationships

    3. The Trap of Wanting Someone Else to Change

    4. Ways We Sidetrack Ourselves

    5. Asking for What You Want

    6. Putting It All Together

    7. Trying to control other - weekly reflection post

    8. Sidetracking - weekly reflection post

    9. Question and Answer - Sustaining Inner Balance

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  • 45 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

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